The LEGO® Movie – Put Yourself in the Movie

Warner Bros.

For the release of The LEGO® Movie, Play Nicely designed and developed a HTML5 web app which allows fans to replace Emmet in the official movie trailer with their own custom SigFig.

Users enter their custom SigFig code along with their name and patiently wait whilst the app assembles their trailer. If a user doesn’t have a code they can visit the SigFig Creator to create their own LEGO® character. Once a user’s trailer has been rendered they can watch in the player or download their trailer, share with friends by email or copy the link and share to various social media channels.

I was the only Digital Producer on this project responsible for managing an internal development team, sharing updates and releases with the client and responding to QA and localisation reports from an external testing agency.

‘Put Yourself in the Movie’ is no longer live on The LEGO® Movie website but you can still create your trailer by visiting the app on Play Nicely’s server, see link below.